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Powers New TempTAP™ ASSE 1070 Faucet Series with Integrated Thermostatic Valve

Model 115PW

State-of-the art technology meets simplicity in TempTAP™, the faucet with a built-in paraffin actuator to ensure water temperature control that’s precise, reliable and repeatable.

TAP = Temperature Assited Protection

Each year thousands of people, from children to seniors, are scalded, and most of those burns occur in the bathroom. That’s why it’s critically important to specify a thermostatic solution. TempTAP™ meets or exceeds plumbing codes and standards nationwide, including ASSE 1070 for protection of users from scalding.

The TempTAP™ faucet's time-tested temperature-sensing valve technology has been a proven performer in shower valves for years, so you can install it with the confidence that TempTAP™ offers the easiest way to be code compliant and reduce potential injury liability.

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With TempTAP™ water tempering is simple and certain.

Layout, installation and maintenance are simplified with TempTAP™ because all key components are above sink level for easy access. Installers no longer have to bother with installing a separate tempering valve below the sink. Because TempTAP™ faucets don't require a separate thermostatic valve, there are fewer parts and fewer leak points. That translates to less time spent on installation, less inventory and fewer callbacks for maintenance.

With TempTAP™ faucets you can save water and earn LEED credits.

TempTAP™ is available with a low flow 1.5 gpm WaterSense® approved aerator option to help reduce water usage. Faucets account for more than 15 percent of indoor household water use—more than 1 trillion gallons of water across the United States each year. WaterSense® labeled faucets are high-performing, water-efficient fixtures that can save thousands of gallons of water a year and help earn LEED credits on projects.

TempTAP™ can help save energy too.

TempTAP™ faucet's precision tempering capabilities allow boilers to operate at higher temperatures and maintain peak efficiency. That means no wasted energy from fluctuating temperatures. And boilers that maintain 140˚F/60°C help kill potentially harmful legionella bacteria in the water.

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TempTAP™ Thermostatic Faucet Sales Brochure (F-P-TempTAP.pdf)

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