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Introducing PowerStation: The "All in One" Water Tempering and Recirculation Solution for Commercial and Institutional Facilities

Powers introduces PowerStation, a fully assembled and tested water tempering and recirculation station designed to save significant time, money and callbacks during installation and set-up. The contractor-friendly PowerStation features proper recirculation design that optimizes valve performance for safe water distribution (and return) throughout a facility's plumbing system.

PowerStation is a no-hassle, self-contained tempering package mounted on heavy-duty welded struts, that allows an engineer to specify a single model number instead of one for each component in a system. All PowerStations include a master-tempering valve, return line with recirculation pump, combination temperature/pressure gauges, GFCI outlet, ball valves and Powers' exclusive integral recirculation loop for fast and easy set-up. PowerStation is also offered with an optional automatic balancing valve, Aquastat, circuit setter or AquaSentry temperature alarm.

PowerStation features Powers' exclusive line of HydroGuard master tempering valves, powered by advanced paraffin-based actuation technology for near instantaneous response. Powers 1430 series valves feature a patented "expandable-restrictor" which provide unsurpassed control at low flows. All HydoGuard master tempering valves are listed and approved to ASSE 1017.

Other standard HydroGuard features include: