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HydroPanel II Shower System with Biltmore 900 Pressure Balancing Valve


HydroPanel II Series 450-4000 Shower System combines pressure balanced water control with the convenience of modular shrouding. HydroPanel II's stainless steel shrouding provides a concealed shower system where in-wall piping does not exist or may not be practical. The single unit shower mounts easily onto preassembled copper tubing with just three screws. Behind the shroud, a Biltmore 900 valve uses a proven poppet/diaphragm cartridge to balance hot and cold water supply flows. This sensitive diaphragm responds immediately to supply pressure changes to maintain the user adjusted bathing temperature. If either supply pressure fails, the valve virtually shuts off. The HydroPanel II units can be used fornew or retrofit applications, such as single showers or for complete shower rooms. They are ideal in schools, factories, and remodeled buildings. Optional hand-held showers mounted on vertical glide rails provide easy shower access for users with limited mobility. Optional HydroPanel II Modular Shrouding provides easy to install, interlocking stainless steel panels to conceal all exposed piping.


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ASSE 1016-P, CSA B125

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