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Shower Solutions Guide

Focuses on Safe Water Delivery in Hotels and Resorts.

Powers, a Division of Watts Water Technologies has released a new 8-page safety solution guide that focuses on critical issues facing hotels and resorts regarding safe water delivery to guest rooms and public restrooms.

A recent audit of hotels revealed maximum hot water temperature averaged over 125°F in 50% of the 350 rooms surveyed. Over 12% of guest rooms surveyed delivered water in excess of 140°F. At 140°F, it takes only seconds to sustain a third degree burn.

The Safety Solutions Guide provides a detailed overview of the hotel temperature study findings, examines the key reasons for excessive hot water in guest room baths,reviews the impact on guest satisfaction and return visits, analyzes the real costs associated with improper valve selection, and recommends water tempering product/system solutions that can minimize the risks of scalding and legionella bacteria.